How much money do I save Owner Building?

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This is a standard question asked by thousands of people doing their research on owner building.

Before this question can be answered, you have to decide on the size, design and standard of products to go into the building.

It is a common occurrence, when going to display homes that what you see (top end products) is not what the price is based on. This is the same when you are asking the question ‘What is it going to cost to Owner Build?’ because the standard of products going into the build can have a major impact on the cost.

Regardless of whether you owner build or not, you must have a budget allowing for a 10% contingency. E.g. “We have struck rock and the foundations will now cost an extra $…”

After you have done your research, sketch up a layout, with rough estimates on the size of the rooms. Find a designer or architect to draw up preliminary plans, decide on the finish standard of products based on your budget, they will have a rough idea.

When you are happy with the design and the finish standard of products find a cost estimator to confirm your costing, then have the designer prepare the working drawings.

Now you can seek quotes from builders and compare the prices you have from the estimator to owner build.

And importantly, you can control the building of your dream home “Get the home that you (dreamed of) want”

Now you will know “How much money you will save by Owner Building.”