You are an Owner Builder(Renovator) and you don’t even know it!

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A lot of people prior to selling their home ‘fix it up’. They may change appliances, kitchen doors, things that will detract from the sale if they’re not fixed.

Unless there is any structural work, a Building Permit may not be required.

Most Homeowner consider themselves to be a renovator, however, there is no such category of Builder. You either employ a registered builder or you are an Owner Builder.

Legislation was brought in to protect purchasers when Non-Structural work was done to the home and the value of the work was over $16,000 (Builders Prices). The Homeowner was required to supply the purchaser a defects report and an Owner Builder Warranty Insurance Policy.

Under S137B 1993 Building Act, any Owner Builder requires a defects report. If the work is within two years of the sale, Owner Builder Warranty is required.

This legislation was brought in to protect the purchaser from shoddy ‘fix ups’, but more importantly it gives the purchaser comfort when buying, that the homeowner has complied and that if a problem occurs they have a point of contact.

For the seller (Owner Builder) they stand behind the work done and justifies the quality and therefore the price of the property.

The question to ask of any seller if they do not supply Owner Builder Warranty ‘What is wrong with the place?’

This is where your conveyancer or solicitor should be aware in Victoria of these requirements and be working for the purchaser to ensure they are protected.