All Construction and Public Liability insurance policies are NOT the same because the owner builder market is small, most insurers issue a builders policy covering under ground works,piling,maintenance etc, which you cannot claim, but which you pay for, because it is too costly to have a specific owner builder policy–ours is for the owner builder! You! Here’s what makes us different.

Benefits of AOBIS Construction and Public Liability Policy:

$5,000 tools cover For your personal tools you need to keep building,we can cover hand tools, power tools and plant minor equipment against loss, damage or theft. $50,000 materials stored off site We will cover you for insured damage to procured materials that are intended for use in the construction works that are stored off site but within the Territorial Limits for a period of 90 days. E.g. Tiles, stove, solar panels etc
Sub-contractors are not excluded You should always check that your sub-contractors are properly licenced and hold current public liability cover, but in the event you have legal action taken against you, as the result of the sub-contractors actions, the our policy would protect the Owner Builder. Excess Options in all states You pay excess on all claims that you make. There are various types of excesses that may apply. Major perils, Minor perils, Existing structure excess and even burglary/theft excess.
Worker to worker liability cover Protects you, the Owner Builder where contractors or tradespersons are injured or have property damage onsite.Normally this would be claimed under their work cover. But in the case where they take legal action against the Owner Builder for being in breach of their duty of care, this protects you and the insurer can then recover a portion of the compensation from those that are found at fault. Commenced Works Where the works have already started, and you have forgotten to take out the policy, we classify commence works to be past subfloor or after slab stage. We can help you.
Contents cover – if renovating We will give you the option to cover yourself for up to $100,000 of existing structure contents,if you’re living on the site while renovating. Policy extendable up to 24 months Often projects run over time and as this can be quite a stressful time, we offer peace of mind. In 3 or 6 month increments, you can extend your policy to keep you covered while you finish your home and/or renovations. Plus: We cover ALL of Queensland.
Vibration Weakening or removal of support. In the event that you cause damage to your neighbour’s property. Our policy covers you for third party property damage. Flood Not just any riverine flood but any water escaping from a lake, river, creek, natural watercourse (Even old creeks that may be a road, gutter, or reserve now) canal, dam, reservoir and we cover All Queensland.


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