Are you an Owner Builder, Renovating or Extending?

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And your Home and Contents Insurer will not cover your home while building work is taking place. So now you need Construction and Public Liability Insurance but what about your CONTENTS?

So, what will you do to protect them?

AOBIS have a unique product that attaches to our Construction and Public Liability policy that has a contents component.

Lloyds of London the worlds oldest Insurance provider has made contents cover available for Owner Builders renovating, providing Owner Builders comply with the following requirements:

Home contents can be included in a construction quote for up to $100,000 where

1/ we also cover the existing structure

2/ there are deadlocks on all external doors

3/ locks or screens on all windows

4/ the property is occupied during the construction

Contact AOBIS on 1300 850 131 or for us to help you protect your home and contents. Don’t wait, do it now!