COVID-19 and your Owner Builder Building Site

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As an Owner Builder you are required to provide a safe working environment for your workers and trades.

Everyone’s risk of exposure to COVID-19 needs to be managed and you need to provide guidelines, so that anyone coming onto your site is aware of the requirements to ensure their safety and the smooth flow of your building project.

  1. Social Distancing – Minimum 1.5 Metre
  • Limit the number of trades on site, ensure you contact all trades that will be on site the night before to explain who will be on site, what time they will be there and how long they intent to be on site. Hence, you can structure the minimum amount of time tradies will be on site.
  • Ensure tradies know, to keep to themselves and no social interaction between themselves.
  • Display government signage about social distancing.

2. Hygiene

  • Supply soap or alcohol-based sanitiser for the tradesmen to use.
  • Government signage re Hygiene should be displayed.
  • Personal hygiene must be practiced by the tradesmen.

Remind tradesmen that it is their responsibility to protect everyone on site by practicing the above, diligently.

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