Victorian Fire Services Levy

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Victorian Fire Services Levy

The Victorian Government has advised that the FSL will be removed from 1 July 2013. Following this decision, Calliden has reviewed its current rates, products and policies to ensure our FSL obligations for the 2012/2013 financial year are met.

To ensure Calliden can meet its obligations for the year ahead, the following actions will be taken.

1. Calliden will no longer provide FSL refunds for affected policies if cancelled by the insured, except where:

  • Cancellation occurs during the cooling off period
  • There are financial hardship circumstances.

This action is effective from 1 October 2012 for new business and renewals.

2. Calliden will no longer write short or long term policies for Victorian risks. Extension of terms for existing policies beyond 30 June 2013 for affected policies will not be provided.

This action is effective immediately.