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Construction & Public Liability Insurance

When embarking on a major project like a new home or a major renovation, getting your planning and preparation right will lead to a much smoother project. However, no matter how well you plan, things can and do go wrong and it is essential that you have the appropriate insurance in place for your project. Insurance is a necessity, not a luxury.

Construction and Public Liability insurance is essential for anyone who’s owner building or undertaking a renovation project. You’re personally liable for any injuries, damage or financial implications that could occur. If you don’t want to have to pay for these things out of you own pocket it’s essential that appropriate insurance is put in place, as you don’t want to see all that hard work going down the drain.

A major building project can be stressful; unexpected events such as a flood, fire or theft of materials could seriously impact on both the timescale for the build and costs and could have a disastrous effect on your ability to finish your new home. With a major project, it is essential that your investment in both time and money is protected against any major problems. It is therefore essential that you have adequate Construction and Public Liability insurance cover in place and indeed, if you are borrowing to finance your project, you will be required as a condition of your mortgage to have the cover in place

The policy is in two parts – the insurance is site specific – only for that site!

Contract works- covers you for storm, water, flood damage, theft, vandalism, fire, and malicious damage

Public liability – covers you for third party injury and property damage

For eg: If a tree falls through the fence onto the neighbours car due to the roots being exposed because of your construction project Or the bobcat destroys the fence because you have insurance which includes coverage for sub-contractors – the two insurers will ‘battle’ it out!

With options of $5 million or $10 million.

Construction and Public Liability insurance can provide you with cover for storm, wind and water damage and theft and burglary. These are the most common claim events which can go wrong during your build. Construction and Public Liability insurance also covers materials and equipment on site. Remember, building sites and dangerous places, accidents happen and because the site is often deserted at night, damage can occur and materials and tools can be stolen. Call 1300 850 131, email email hidden; JavaScript is required or email us a completed Quick Quote.