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Home Warranty Insurance in Victoria

Insurers like to make hard work of Owner Builder Insurances: multi page forms, multi document preparation and requirements of certificate after certificate – NOT AOBIS!

AOBIS is exclusive to Owner Builders. We know a thing or two about this business and how to effectively and seamlessly assess Owner Builder insurances. Our whole purpose of existence is to serve Owner Builders. After a decade of experiences and purpose built underwriting systems coupled with seamless processes, we de-mystify insurance to make it easy and affordable. At the Home Warranty stage, only one thing matters to the Owner Builder – selling the home for maximum value.

Owner Builder warranty is statutory warranty insurance. Home warranty Insurance is taken out by the Owner Builder in favour of the new homeowner (the purchaser of your home). It is compulsory for all residential building works carried out when:

  1. The project cost (the works) are in excess of $16,000, and,
  2. You (the owner builder) are selling your home within 6 years of the completion of works

AOBIS is Victoria’s Home Warranty centre. Our size is a reflection of our skill and expertise in this ‘specialist’ area of insurance.  As underwriters with many years of Home Warranty experience we know a thing or two about the issues and safeguards. What we know will assist (you), the Owner Builder protect their long term Warranty obligations.

Home Warranty is not difficult but it can be complex, so expertise is the key. But also getting the right advice and just any advice will secure peace of mind.

AOBIS is Home Warranty Victoria central – the process is simple and straightforward so Owner Builders don’t need to tear up forests of paper work to meet statutory requirements.

Simply follow the 3 step process and Home Warranty is delivered to your door same day.

Download and complete the Home Warranty Application Form 

  1. Attach the following documents:
          • Building Permit
          • Final / occupancy  certificate
          • Defects Reports (current)
          • Drivers Licence
  2. Send your Application Form complete with the above noted supporting documents to AOBIS

When selling a property that has been owner built or renovated you may require Home Warranty insurance if:

  • It’s a domestic building project and the value of work exceeded $16,000
  • The construction works were ‘completed’ within the last six years of the proposed sale date. Completion date is the date of issue of the Occupancy Permit (for new dwellings) or the Certificate of Final Inspection (for additions/renovations etc). Where an Occupancy Permit or Certificate of Final Inspection is not issued, or is not required to be issued, the ‘prescribed period’ is seven years from the issue of the building permit, or if a building permit is not issued, six years from the commencement of the works. 

Owner Builders must obtain Home Warranty Insurance prior to entering into a contract to sell the property. It is not possible to include a conditional clause in the contract of sale.

It is therefore critical that a Home Warranty Policy is put in place prior to signing the contract of sale. The policy does not commence until the contract of sale is signed.

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