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Why would anyone take out insurance if it doesn’t cover real Owner Builder risks.  AOBIS policy wordings are in plain English, with no confusing builder terms and definitely no unnecessary cover which adds to premium costs, but are generally irrelevant to an Owner Builder situation.

Owner Builders are ‘typical’ Australian’s who have decided to build or renovate. Insurance cover should recognize the importance of owner building and make reference to particular circumstances that could evolve when a building project goes wrong. The AOBIS Policy wording identifies these peculiarities and makes provision accordingly.

The Policy does provide cover for such as sub-contractors, tools and optional existing property and contents.

Insurance policy wordings should quickly and clearly explain what Owner Builders can expect in the event of an unforeseen incident. It’s all about ‘what’s covered’, not company brochures (just ask recent flood and fire victims).

Protecting Owner Builders against:

  • Vandalism
  • Malicious Damage
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Storm
  • Wind & Water Damage
  • Public Liability
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Liability due to Negligence
  • Flood

Consider the following options:

  • Protect existing property contents
  • Already started – commenced works
  • Materials stored off site for safe keeping
  • Extendable policy period beyond 12 months
  • 6 months policy options
  • Licenced builder to lock up options

Automatically Covered at NO additional premium:

  • Removal of Debris (10% of sum insured)
  • Professional Fees (10% of sum insured)
  • Expediting Expenses (10% of sum insured)
  • Increased cost of works (10% of sum insured)
  • Goods in Transit $50,000
  • Prime Cost items included
  • Adjoining Property Protection (Victoria) – included
  • Mitigation Expenses (10% of sum insured)
  • Restoration of Records (5% of sum insured)
  • Temporary Protection (5% of sum insured)
  • Goods in storage cover $50,000
  • Automatic allowance for excavations for up to 5 meters
  • Worker to worker protection
  • Sub-contractor liability protection
  • Optional $20,000 tools cover
  • Queensland is covered
  • Property in your Care, Custody and Control

Claims Management

  • Fast and client focused

AOBIS Covers All Construction Types

  • New homes
  • Renovations and extensions
  • Alterations and additions
  • Commenced works
  • Builder to lockup
  • Kit homes
  • Mud brick homes


  • Heritage in Owner Builder since 1996 exclusively building and renovation
  • Demystifying insurance and protecting you, the owner builder
  • Excess $500
  • Theft $1,000
  • Named Cyclone $5,000
  • Vibration, removal or weakening of supports and/or underpinning $2,500
  • Other than, injury to contractor/sub-contractor/labour hire $2,500
  • Personal injury $500