AOBIS ticks over 38 000 policies

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AOBIS ticks over 38 000 policies

Yes, we do know something about Owner Building.

Construction and Public Liability and Warranty has been our background for a long time.

If you have a question on Owner Builder Insurance then Aobis is the place to call.

Our Policy for Construction and Public Liability is Owner Builder specific with important benefits that the others don’t have: ( eg:)

  • $2000 allowance for your tools included in the policy, you can also apply to increase cover
  • Adjoining property is covered especially where it is mandatory in Victoria
  • After loss cover in the event you may have to move out

This is why you should use AOBIS for your Owner Builder Insurances because our policies are Owner Builder specific, not broken down builder hotch potch policies.

AOBIS is for Owner Builders