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Why choose AOBIS

AOBIS heritage started in 1996, and so we know a thing or two about Owner Building Insurances. Not all insurances are the same and not all are Owner Builder friendly.

Peace of Mind
While no-one expects the worst, being prepared can help protect against financial and legal hardship, particularly when your home and family are involved.
Everything we do acknowledges the needs of busy cost-conscious Owner Builders.

It’s easy to let detail slip when considering insurance, but when an unfortunate incident or tragedy occurs (and that’s the purpose of insurance) you want someone who understands detail. Our underwriters and our Owner Builder heritage is one thing you can rely on.

Streamlined claims process
Should an unforeseen event occur, download the claims form from our website or contact us. Our claims professionals are committed to resolving all claims in the quickest possible time.

We are insurance underwriters which means you speak with the experts in owner Building insurances.

5 reasons why Owner Builder insurances ‘detail’ is critical:

  1. Is your broker an approved owner Builder broker? General brokers are precisely that, ‘general’, but your home and project may not be ‘general’. Ask for Owner Builder experience. No experience should be no-deal.
  2. The ‘mobile phone price plan’ syndrome – when no one can work out the real costs. If an Owner Builder policy or Product Disclosure Statement mentions words like ‘Engineering insurance’, then it’s a professional builder’s policy. Owner Builders are not engineers, they are normal moms and dads and upcoming developers, not engineers.
  3. When insurance companies promote new features, but Owner Builder can never claim against these features, such as maintenance periods or product liability.
  4. We go the extra mile for you, the Owner Builder, by supplying you a FREE owner Builder education course to keep you in the building process.
  5. Most Owner Builder policies provide 12 month’s over. But in most cases 40% of Owner Builder projects run over time. AOBIS policy allows extension of time.

Features of our Owner Builder Policy:

  • Trades and Contractors: included at no extra cost
  • Tools you use and store on site; included up to $20,000 at no extra cost
  • 24 months construction period
  • Commenced works or licenced builder to lock up option
  • Kit homes and special construction methods – we cover it all
  • 6 month policy options
  • Flood is covered
  • Commenced works (for those who forgot0

Insurance is issued by HSB Engineering, Liberty Mutual & Lloyds,  we’re here and we’re local if you need us.

Experience the benefits of:

  • Automatic allowance for excavations for up to 5 metres
  • Goods in storage cover of $50,000
  • Goods in Transit of $50,000
  • Worker to Worker protection
  • Sub-contractor liability protection
  • Automatic $20,000 tools cover
  • Queensland is covered
  • Adjoining Property Protection (Victoria)
  • Property in your Care, Custody and Control