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Warranty Insurance
Construction & Public Liability
Renovators Home and Contents 


What is Owner Builder Warranty/Indemnity Insurance?

Who needs Owner Builder Warranty?

Why is warranty important to me

What is a defects report?

How long does a Defects Report last?

What does Owner Builder Warranty cover? VIC

What is the threshold for Owner Builder Warranty? VIC

Which building works need the insurance?

What happens if Owner Builder Warranty is not arranged? VIC

When is Home Indemnity Insurance required? WA

What does Owner Builder Indemnity cover? WA

What is the threshold for Owner Builder Indemnity? WA

What is the maximum amount that can be claimed? WA

What happens if Owner Builder Indemnity Insurance is not arranged? WA



Period of Insurance?

What if I am using sub-contractors?

What if I am getting a licenced builder or trades contractor to complete the building to lock up?

How do I make a claim?

What if I have already started construction?

Is my existing home and structures covered during the renovation phase?

What is the standard excess?

Under my construction policy is there cover if I get injured?

What about adjoining property protection?

Are my Voluntary Workers covered?

What if I need to increase my sum insured – mid term?

Am I still insured once construction is complete?

Are my on site materials covered?

What should my sum insured include?

Are my tools covered?

I live onsite, is my family covered?

What happens if I underinsure?

What else to watch for when buying Construction and Public Liability Insurance?


What is Renovators Home and Contents

What does the policy cover

Who can buy the policy?

Can I seperate the policy?

Doesn't the builder have responsibility of insurer my home when renovating?

Won't my current home and contents insurer continue to insurer my home and contents during the renovation?

Will the products I supply to the builder be covered in case of theft or damage?