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In our continuing effort to help the owner Builder avoid the hassles of building we are making available a $129.95 valued Owner Builder education course FREE to your clients who take out an AOBIS Construction & Public Liability insurance policy.

AOBIS is more than an underwriting agency, we are part of the Owner Builder community with a desire to help the Owner Builder complete their project on time, on budget and with a minimum of hassles. You are now part of this project, so join us in giving the Owner Builder the tools necessary to build their home

So when your client purchases our AOBIS Construction & Public Liability insurance policy we will supply you the details to assess your course. This will help them to save time, money & hassles. All part of our service to the Owner Builder. The Owner Builder course has 8 key areas essential to know when building their home.

  1. Preliminaries
    Covers the owner-builder’s statutory requirements
  2. Effective cost management
    Covers building design, cost management, hiring labour and ordering materials
  3. Site Works
    Discusses works required on site prior to construction — land survey, building set-out, excavations, drainage, easements, site clearance and planning.
  4. Construction starts
    Covers installation of the concrete floor slab or concrete strip footings/base brickwork, your concretor and bricklayer, workplace planning prior to erection of timber framing
  5. Wall and roof framing
    Explains which materials you need to have on site, and how to support the work of the framing carpenters to structural completion.
  6. Lock-up and fit-out
    Explains what to look for as the building proceeds to lock-up and then fit-out stage, the work of the bricklayer, the plasterboard contractor, the electrician, plumber, and carpenters.
  7. Finish to wet areas
    Sealing of bathroom and other wet areas, floor and wall tiling, waterproofing of shower bases and spa plinths, kitchen taps, kitchen appliances, connections to waste outlets.
  8. Painting and decorating
    Discusses painting and decorating, which is as much a trade, in the right hands, as carpentry and plumbing. Will you do the painting yourself, or hire a professional?

We have included a module for your client to access, have a look at the information that your client can access FREE with your compliments. Just register to access the module.